Taylor Brinkman

Project/Office Manager

Taylor Brinkman is a project and office manager at Crimson Valley Construction. She started working for Crimson Valley during her summers throughout college and joined the company full time in 2021. Taylor’s exposure to construction and remodeling started when her dad built their childhood home when she was five years old. While growing up, she continued to learn about construction through watching and working with her dad on projects around the house. Throughout college, Taylor gained experience with Crimson Valley by spending her summers working on job sites and in the office writing content for the company. She also gained business experience through a marketing internship with Tevera. In the fall of 2020, Taylor graduated from the University of Northwestern- St. Paul with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing. At Crimson Valley, Taylor is able to use her construction experience along with her business knowledge to help the company run smoothly and keep jobs on schedule. One of Taylor’s biggest goals for the company is to give clients an exceptional overall experience on their project from start to finish. Taylor grew up in Hudson, Wisconsin, where she has since moved back to after graduating.